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    When you request a free wine cellar design we sent you different pages and elevations to show you how our designers laid out your wine racks. In the images below, read a description of what you should expect to find. 

    Additional views-click on images to enlarge.

    Plan View: This is a top-side view of your cellar as it would appear if you were viewing it from your ceiling downward.

    2D Plan View

    Key Page: Each of these keys match a letter shown on the plan view. The key tells you the type of storage and bottle count for each rack.

    2D Key Page



    Elevations: You will be provided an elevation of each wall in the wine cellar. The elevation shows the racks as they will appear on that wall as if you were standing in front of the wall and looking at it.


    2D Elevation 1  2D Elevation 2  2D Elevation 3

    Molding Plan: The thick blue line indicates how the proposed molding is to be applied in the cellar.  Ceiling Plan (optional): When you have requested a raised panel ceiling to be included in your cellar, you will be provided with a ceiling plan which will illustrate what the ceiling looks like if you were standing in the cellar and looking up.
    2D Molding Plan  2D Ceiling Plan 1  2D Ceiling Plan 2

    We are excited to start helping you with anything you need for your wine rack plans. We help create wine storage from very small spaces to large areas with thousands of wine bottles. Our design service makes it simple for you to acquire free wine rack plans and make a decision on how you with to build your wine cellar. Our designers are waiting for you to send in your measurements for your wine cellar rack plans and then we can get started. If you work with one of our design consultants, you can figure out the best way to finalize your wine cellar design. 

    As you are figuring out what you want, the cost of the project can really depend on the 
    best wood for your wine cellar. We have our favorite woods that work well such as Redwood, Pine, or Mahogany but we also have access to select woods that we can send you samples of. Redwood has always been a favorite for it's mold resistant qualities but if you choose allheart or premium, the types of coloring you receive can vary. 

    If you are looking for 
    wine refrigeration, wine coolers, or a wine fridge, we have many different options that we can help you with. Just call, email, or chat with us live to talk with a friendly Design Consultant.


       專屬的設計服務 Exclusive design service
           EDUNBO 愛墩堡的每一套酒窖、酒柜、都是量身定制而成的,您的儲藏區、品鑒區、休 閑區,   您所期許的生活方式,設計師都將與您一對一的交流,給予專業的咨詢,并對現場空間進行實地測  量,根據您的個性需求、現場環境和文化品味,定制最專業的窖藏藝術空間。
        EDUNBO Every set of wine cellars and wine cabinets in Marshallburg is tailor-made.        
         The designers will communicate with you one-on-one and give professional advice.

       顧問式服務 Advisory service
          對于EDUNBO 愛墩堡而言,銷售的不僅是產品,更多是設計一個更加私密的上層社會社交圈。從貴        賓利益最大化出發,給予貴賓最專業的建議和最合適的產品。
         For EDUNBO  Maserenburg, it is not only products but also a more   intimate upper social                       circle. From the maximization of VIP benefits, give VIPs the most professional advice and the                  most suitable products.

       品質保障  Quality Assurance
           為保證產品的高品質,維護貴賓的利益,EDUNBO 愛墩堡酒窖開通了防偽查 詢專線:          

           In order to ensure the high quality of the products and to protect the interests of VIPs, the                      
    EDUNBO  Marshall Wine Cellar opened the anti-counterfeiting inquiry line: 400-1188-273.      
         VIPs can perform manual security check verification by name, address and phone number.

       終身維護 Lifelong maintenance
         一年免費保修,終身有償維護服務??深A約 EDUNBO 愛墩堡技術人員對正在使用的窖藏系統進行全   面保養維護,以保證系統的長期穩定運行,延長使用壽命;對窖藏內溫度、濕度、氣味等各項指標進行   檢測和校正,以保證最合適的儲藏條件;對窖藏環境裝飾、實木酒架等裝飾細節部分進行全面維護與清    潔。
            One year free warranty, lifetime paid maintenance service. EDUNBO  technicians can be reserved for the comprehensive maintenance of the storage system in use to ensure long-term stable operation of the system and prolong the service life; to detect and correct various indicators such as temperature, humidity and odor in the reservoir. Ensure the most suitable storage conditions; comprehensively maintain and clean the decorative details such as the decorative environment and solid wood wine racks.




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